We’ve taken careful note of what you have been telling us and we’re using this to drive forward our plans. We’ve also set up an online discussion forum so we can keep everyone updated.

On 9 December we look forward to bringing people together again for our ‘Next Steps’ event at Slimbridge. It’s a chance to review the progress we’ve made since the focus groups, and move our discussions to the next stage. Our volunteers will be leading ‘dry run’ tours of Scott House and our wardens will lead walks to main viewing Tower, to enjoy the birding experience as it is now, and discuss how to make it even better. We’ll also invite visitors to suggest events and activities for the Living Wetland Theatre, and find out more about the birds that will be on display when the theatre opens.

If you’d like to take part on 9 December, please email me at gerard.cassell@wwt.org.uk.

Finally, I’m looking for ‘champions’ who can talk to people about this project and help us to get more people involved. If you’d like to be one of our champions, please get in touch.