When Slimbridge 2020 opens, we’ll have even more daily talks and events – including bird demos, tours of Scott House and live science experiments. We also know that navigating Slimbridge can be tricky for visitors. We don’t want you to miss a thing, so Chris Woolner has been developing ideas for the Slimbridge Explorer app.

“As part of Slimbridge 2020, we are designing and building a smartphone app. The combination of green spaces and shiny technology may have some people squealing with delight and others groaning with despair. I’m sure Peter Scott got the same reaction when he proposed using television to connect more people with nature!

Having some experience in this field, I have been tasked with putting together the concept. The aim of the app is to help visitors find the best bits of Slimbridge for them. It will also enable them to share those experiences with other visitors. It will include:

  • An interactive map that visitors can tailor to their preferences.
  • A way to tell users about events they might like – called ‘push notifications’.
  • A feature for users to share experiences by attaching their photos to the map.
  • Challenges and rewards for visiting new and different parts of Slimbridge.

We aim to trial a working version early in the development stage, and we’ll need testers. Would you like to be one of them? Watch this space for details.”