They’ll be the smallest species in the Living Wetlands Theatre, but we’re sure visitors will love watching our delightful ringed teal. Selina Reid and Phoebe Vaughan share the latest update… and a duck’s eye video.

These beautifully dainty South American birds hatched this summer at Slimbridge and have already begun training for their free flight demonstrations. Males and females have different plumage: both are wonderful to look at, but the male is particularly striking with his finely speckled, orange-pink breast and grey barred flanks.

Ringed teal are among the smallest ducks in the world, but our group of ten have big personalities! Watch them flying as a group to receive their mealworm reward, and listen out for the unusual sound as they fly. It’s not a call – it’s actually made by their wings moving through the air.

The group are a perfect addition to the Living Wetlands Theatre. Unlike many species at Slimbridge, male ringed teal do not have an eclipse moult – so they keep their beautiful plumage all year round. Both sexes have a striking white spot on the underside of each wing – their Latin name, Callonetta leucophrys, roughly means “the beautiful duck with the white wing patches”!

We will keep you updated on this endearing little group, but in the meantime why not visit some of their family in the South American exhibit at Slimbridge.